Pembroke place cottage, Edinburgh

4 Pembroke Place is one of 7 cottages in a terraced cul-de-sac on the West side of Edinburgh town centre. The original cottage was built in 1866 and the new house was completed exactly 150 years later in 2016.

The old house was completely removed with only the front elevation stonework and the two party walls surviving the new build.

The new house was designed by the multi award winning architect Richard Murphy and built by Inscape Joinery.

Scozia Venetian applied a traditional lime based Venetian plaster  in two tone light greys onto the split level staircase wall. A feature wall adjacent to the staircase wall was finished in a style reminiscent of a velvet texture using a Ottocento Impex grey  hand appliedd in a mottled design.

2 Further feature walls were completed using a crocodile texture highlighted with gold, bronze and silver wax.