Clayworks clay plasters are unique blends of unfired clays mixed with minerals and pigments. They provide a healthy, breathable finish for internal walls and ceilings. Manufactured in Cornwall from abundant raw materials, they are amongst the most sustainable wall finishes available. Recyclable, compostable, reusable and containing no toxic ingredients, VOCs (harmful chemicals released during and after application), or synthetics, Clayworks clay plasters are healthy for the planet, the building fabric and the occupants.

As well as being 100% natural, Clayworks clay plasters are also high performance. Naturally regulating relative humidity, they allow buildings to breathe while absorbing toxins and odours. They also help to passively regulate temperature, are acoustic-absorbing and are easily repaired. Application is with the same skills and tools as other wall plasters.

Clayworks clay plasters provide a unique aesthetic – with a depth of cloudy tone and texture not found in conventional wall finishes. A seamless finish, they are ready-mixed in a wide range of mineral pigmented colours with extraordinary textures, from luxurious silkiness to coarse and rustic.

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