Clayworks Plastering.

As an approved Clayworks retailer and installer, we use Clayworks clay plasters to provide a unique aesthetic – with a depth of cloudy tone and texture not found in conventional wall finishes. A seamless finish, they are ready-mixed in a wide range of mineral pigmented colours with extraordinary textures, from luxurious silkiness to coarse and rustic.

For an extraordinary finish

Here at Scozia venetian, we continue our journey to discover & create new surface applications.

Clay Plasterers bring a limitless amount of colours, textures & design opportunities . Produced by Clayworks of Cornwall with passion. Bringing together nature, art and science to create beauty, form and function.

Available in a wide range of colours, finishes and three-dimensional designs, Clayworks Clay Plasters helps create beautiful, healthy living, shopping, eating and working spaces with a minimal impact on the environment. Clayworks is an award winning manufacturer of natural clay plaster wall finishes, providing unique products and support for the A&D and retail markets. We also offers a bespoke design service to support discerning clients in their realisation of interior wall finishes.

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