Create a bespoke surface exactly to your own desired finish, colour and texture. With limitless possibilities and freedom, Scozia Venetian can create your unique, customised finish, perfecting your domestic or commercial space.

Transform your space with microcement

Microcement Edinburgh – Microcement is applied by artisans to create a continuous surface with no joints or breaks in the surface, with an endless palate of tints Ideal Work Microtopping® is perfect for those who want a continuous, innovative and tactile surface that can make any space unique, whether it is a minimal modern environment where Ideal Work Microtopping® stands out as the main feature, or a classic, rustic or vintage environment, where it completes the style with refined discretion.

You can customize Microtopping® by choosing shades and creating glossy, clouded, or acid stained effects to make it exactly the way you want it. Scozia Venetian only uses Ideal Work Microtopping® , the quality of the product allows for innovative bespoke designs for floors and walls.

Microcement can be used on any suitable substrate to create stunning worktops to elegant stairways or transform bathrooms and wet rooms. Microtopping® systems can be used on top of existing tiles to renovate outdated bathrooms, creating one continuous surface with clean lines and a truly modern look and style.

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